Tips on How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

Whether you’re moving, downsizing or just need the extra room, a self storage unit can make your life much easier. But you won’t get the best out of your extra space unless you pack your belongings in the right way. Read on and learn how to pack a self-storage unit for maximum efficiency.

How to prepare items for storage

Preparation is essential when you come to pack a self-storage unit. First of all, set aside everything you want to pack and inspect it. Then make a full inventory list, ideally with photos of each item. This isn’t just useful for your own records – it’s helpful for insurance purposes, too.

Once you have recorded all the items, wrap each one individually using a protective material such as bubble wrap. Then pack your belongings into sturdy cartons and label them clearly, taking care to indicate if they are fragile. Use packing foam to keep the items within the carton immobile and protected from shock and impact. You’ll find everything you need in our online box shop.

Many people like to store all their belongings in big boxes, packing as many items together as will fit. However, we recommend using smaller boxes for smaller, heavier pieces. Keep the larger ones for bulky items such as clothing, sheets and towels. This makes moving and stacking the boxes much safer and easier.

How to choose the right unit size

Just like packing boxes, choosing the right size of self-storage unit has a big impact on both efficiency and cost. Too large, and you’ll be paying for space you don’t need. Too small, and you risk cramming your belongings together so that they’re difficult to retrieve and may even become crushed or damaged.

Clear Space Bright Clean Storage UnitIt’s easiest to measure the volume of your belongings when they’re packed. Add up the volume of your boxes, and you’ll know how much space they will take up. If you’re using standard box sizes, this will be very easy. Don’t forget to leave room to get in and out! Our online calculator is a good place to start.

When preparing to pack a self storage unit, it’s important to remember that you can – and should – make use of the vertical dimensions too. This is another reason to use new, sturdy boxes in uniform sizes – they are much easier and neater to stack. You could also consider using a shelving solution.

How to pack a self storage unit

Once you’ve wrapped and boxed all your items and chosen your unit, the rest is relatively easy! A few simple rules are all you need to pack a self-storage unit easily and efficiently. Remember that you’ll be working from the back to the front of the storage unit, so it’s useful to load and unload your boxes with that in mind…

Protect everything

All the floors at Clear Space are freshly painted for every new customer but you may still wish to cover the floor of the unit with a dust sheet. If you’re not using shelving, you may wish to put down wooden pallets or similar to keep your boxes from sitting directly on the floor. You can also cover your boxes with dust sheets once you’ve finished packing them in.  You may also wish to consider using polythene covers for your mattresses and soft furnishings.

All of these items are available to purchase in our Box Shop on site.

Think strategically

If you’ll need to access some of your items while they are in storage, place those boxes at the front of the storage unit. You might want to leave a roll of tape and a knife in the unit to reseal the boxes after opening. Bulky and heavy items should always be stacked first, at the bottom level, to ensure stability.

Use the space

While you shouldn’t overcrowd items or stack them too high, it’s important to use all the space available when you pack a self-storage unit. Pack belongings such as bedlinen in the drawers of furniture pieces, and slot smaller boxes into the gaps between larger items.

At Clear Space, we offer flexible, affordable domestic self-storage in our clean, secure units. Interested in finding out more? Just contact us to talk through your needs.