Things That are Unsuitable for Self Storage

Affordable, flexible and secure, a Clear Space self-storage unit can be the ideal place to store those things you can’t keep at home. But there are some items you should not store in your unit – ever. Not only are they against our rules, the law often has something to say, too. Here are some of the things that are unsuitable for self-storage.

Anything alive is unsuitable for self storage

Pets, plants, people. For various reasons, these are an absolute no-no.

Pets have the right to proper care and a life free of suffering. This right is enshrined in UK law. Keeping a pet, livestock or wild animal in a self-storage unit for any length of time is an act of cruelty. If you find yourself unable to provide an animal with the right care and housing, contact your local shelter, vet or rescue network. You’ll find them very willing to help.

Plants are an environmental hazard in a self-storage unit. Not only will they die without the light, air and maintenance they need, their soil and rotting leaves will introduce mould and attract pests.

People should never live in a self-storage unit. It isn’t legal, it isn’t safe, and it certainly isn’t comfortable.

cats unsuitable for self storageAnything hazardous

If an item or substance can blow up or catch fire, it can’t be kept in your self-storage unit.

You’re probably thinking of oil, gas and petrol, fireworks and gunpowder, lighters and aerosols, weedkillers and fertilisers. But you’d be surprised how many everyday items also come under this heading. Hairspray? Nope. Nail polish remover? Not acceptable. Paint and paint thinner are out, too. Before packing your boxes, make sure to ask for a detailed list of prohibited items. That way you won’t miss anything out.

It goes without saying that firearms, explosives and ammunition are completely banned, even if you hold a licence for every item in your possession. You must comply with UK law on firearms storage, and this means never leaving your gun(s) in a self-storage unit.

Anything perishable Unsuitable for Self Storage

So long as it remains intact and in date, you can store canned and jarred food in your self-storage unit. But if it’s perishable, it’s unsuitable for self-storage.

This doesn’t just apply to the kind of food that needs to be kept refrigerated, like meat and poultry, fish, dairy and eggs. Did you know that a rat can smell food through an airtight container … on the other side of a wall? Your rice, pasta, flour, dried pet food and other “cupboard staples” give off scents that are irresistible to vermin. These are items you should not store anywhere in your unit, no matter how well they are packaged.

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Anything that smells

Any reputable self-storage provider takes comprehensive measures against vermin. But this also relies on the collaboration of their clients.

We’ve already talked about vermin and their incredible sense of smell. Well, bugs, mice, rats and other pests are drawn to anything scented, including inedible items like candles, soap and incense, which are all unsuitable for self storage. While self storage can be a great way to grow your business, it isn’t the right choice if your stock is fragrant!

Anything that isn’t yours

You might think that what goes in your self-storage unit is nobody’s business but yours, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The police are coming down hard on those who try to get away with keeping stolen items or illegal drugs in a self-storage unit. And you can be assured that there is no chance of your storage provider covering for illegal activities.

Whether for business or personal purposes, self-storage is a great, cost-efficient way to free up space and store your items safely. So long as you stick to the rules, it’s secure, too – for you and for everyone. Any questions? Just get in touch with our friendly team for a chat!