Privacy Policy

How we use your information

This privacy notice tells you what to expect when Clear Space collects personal information. It applies to information we collect about:

  • Visitors to our websites;
  • People who contact us via social media;
  • People who call our phone numbers;
  • People who email us;
  • People who use our services, e.g. customers who rent storage units from us, who subscribe to our newsletter or request a publication from us;
  • Job applicants and our current and former employees

When someone visits our website we use a third-party service, Google Analytics, to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site. This information is only processed in a way which does not identify anyone. We do not make, and do not allow Google to make, any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our website.

We recognize and respect your need for privacy and security as you visit our site.
When you visit our site to view pages and read information about us, you do so without telling us who you are and without revealing any personal information.
While we do not collect identifying information about visitors to our site, we do use standard software to collect information for the strict purpose of tracking activity on our site. This allows us to understand how many people use our site and which pages and features are most popular. The only information we normally collect and store is

  • The name of your Internet service provider
  • The web site that referred you to us (if any)
  • The date and time the pages were accessed
  • The page or pages you requested
  • Your approximate (nearest city) geographic location

You never transmit personally identifying information that you do not enter yourself, and this is always your option. This information cannot be collected unless you specifically elect to send it to us. This information is used internally only for the purpose of fulfilling the request or for contacting you directly and is not sold to any other organisation. Your information is transmitted directly to Clear Space and stored on our servers in a secure environment.

A “cookie” is a text file containing small amounts of information which a server downloads to your personal computer (PC) or mobile when you visit a website. The server then sends a cookie back to the originating website each time you subsequently visit it, or if you visit another website which recognises that cookie.

There are different types of cookies which are used to do different things, such as letting you navigate between different pages on a website efficiently, remembering preferences you have given a website, and improving your overall experience. Others are used to measure the number of site visits and the most popular pages users visit, or tailor the information shown to you based on your interests.

Some cookies are allocated to your PC only for the duration of your visit to a website, and these are called session based cookies. These automatically expire when you close down your browser.

Another type of cookie known as a “persistent”. These cookies remain on your PC for a period of time, which can be different for each cookie.

What are the rules regarding cookies?

Website operators have to give users information about the cookies they use and why they use them, they also have to have your consent to use them, which can either be obtained by asking you when you first visit the website or through the settings in your website browser.

To minimise pop-ups and interference for users of our website, who visit from many different countries, we have decided to allow users to set their cookie preferences through their browser settings.

Cookies can be removed or blocked from your PC using browser settings. Please note: there is likely to be some deterioration in the service you receive.

Your browser lets you choose whether to accept, not to accept or to be warned before accepting cookies. These can be found in the browser settings. Please see this page for further information.

We will only read or write cookies for the preference level set, cookies set prior to you changing your settings will still be on your computer and you can remove them using your browser settings. Please visit the link above for further information on this.

The cookies used on this site are based on the International Chamber of Commerce guide for cookie categories

  • Strictly necessary
  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Targeting

What cookies do we use and how do we obtain your consent?

Strictly necessary

‘Strictly Necessary’ cookies let you move around the website and use essential features like secure areas, online forms, systems and shopping baskets. These cookies don’t gather any information about you that could be used for marketing or remembering where you’ve been on the internet.
We use these Strictly Necessary cookies to

  • Remember things like information you’ve entered on forms when you navigate to different pages in a single web browser session.
  • Remember the information you have provided us with when you get to confirmation pages.
  • Identify your selections on this site such as whether you are logged in or have selected an appropriate language version.
  • Make sure you connect to the right service on our website when we make any changes to the way the website works.

Cookies we have defined as ‘Strictly Necessary’ cookies will NOT be used to

  • Gather information that could be used to advertise products or services to you.
  • Remember your preferences or username beyond your current visit.

Accepting these cookies is a condition of using the website, so if you prevent these cookies we can’t guarantee your security or predict how our website will perform during your visit.

Here is a list of the cookies we have defined as ‘strictly necessary’ cookies set by this website


Cookies provided by 3rd parties

  • No strictly necessary cookies are provided by 3rd parties at this time.


‘Performance’ cookies collect information about how you use our website e.g. which pages you visit, and if you experience any errors. These cookies don’t collect any information that could identify you – all the information collected is anonymous and is only used to help us improve how our website works, understand what interests our users and measure how effective our advertising is.
We use performance cookies to

  • Provide statistics on how our website is used.
  • See how effective our adverts are (we don’t use this information to target adverts to you when you visit other websites).
  • Help us improve the website by measuring any errors that occur.
  • Test different designs of our website.

Cookies we have defined as ‘Performance’ cookies will NOT be used to

  • Gather information that could be used to advertise products or services to you on other websites.
  • Remember your preferences or username beyond your current visit.
  • Target advertisements to you on any other website.

In some cases, some of these cookies are managed for us by third parties, but we don’t allow the third party to use the cookies for any purpose other than those listed above.Using our site indicates that you accept the use of ‘Performance’ cookies.

Accepting these cookies is a condition of using the website, so if you prevent them we cannot guarantee how our site will perform for you.

Here is a list of the cookies we have defined as ‘Performance’ cookies set by this website

  • _utma
  • _utmb
  • _utmc
  • _utmt
  • _utmz

Cookies provided by 3rd parties

  • No performance cookies are provided by 3rd parties at this time.


‘Functionality’ cookies are used to provide services or to remember settings to improve your visit. We use ‘Functionality’ cookies to

  • Show you when you’re logged in to the website.
  • Share information with partners to provide a service on our website. The information shared is only to be used to provide the service, product or function and not for any other purpose.
  • Remember settings you’ve applied such as language settings, layout, text size, preferences and colours.
  • Remember if we’ve already asked you if you want to fill in a survey.

Cookies defined as ‘Functionality’ will not be used to

  • Target you with advertisements on other websites.
  • Some of these cookies are managed for us by third parties – where this is the case we don’t allow the third party to use the cookies for any purpose other than those listed above.

You can control whether or not these cookies are used, but preventing them may mean we can’t offer you some services, and will reduce the support we can offer you. It’s also possible that preventing these cookies stops us remembering that you didn’t want a specific service. Here is a list of the cookies we have defined as ‘Functionality’ cookies provided by this site

  • No functionality cookies are used at this time.

Cookies provided by 3rd parties

  • No functionality cookies are currently provided by 3rd parties.


‘Targeting’ cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as ‘Like’ buttons and ‘Share’ buttons. The third party provides these services in return for recognising that you have visited our website. We use ‘Targeting’ cookies to

  • Link to social networks like Facebook, who may subsequently use information about your visit to target advertising to you on other websites.
  • You can control whether or not these cookies are used, but preventing them may stop us from offering you some services. All of these cookies are managed by third parties, and you may alternatively use the third parties’ own tools to prevent these cookies.

Here is a list of the cookies we have defined as ‘Targeting’ cookies set by this site

  • No targeting cookies are used at this time

Cookies provided by 3rd parties

  • __hstc – provided by
  • hubspotutk – provided by
  • __hssc – provided by
  • __hssrc – provided by

Further reading

Information about cookies: Useful information about cookies can be found here.

International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom: Information on the ICC (UK) UK cookie guide can be found on the ICC website.

Clear Space uses a third-party service, Lexis Click, to help maintain the security and performance of the Clear Space website.

Website Maintenance and Development

From time to time, Clear Space adds additional content to its websites. We use a third party, LexisClick, to improve our website. Access to any personally identifiable information held in website databases is restricted to LexisClick employees responsible for maintaining the Clear Space websites. High security protocols are employed to ensure your personal information is stored in a secure environment in accordance with the latest internet security protocols. For further information on LexisClick’s privacy notice please click here.

third party services

We use a third-party service, WordPress, to publish content on our website. Our website is hosted with Pressidium. We use a standard service from the hosting company to collect anonymous information about users’ activity on the site, for example the number of users viewing pages on the site, to monitor and report on the effectiveness of the site and help us improve it. For more information about how WordPress and Pressidium processes data, please see:

We use a third-party provider, LexisClick, to manage our social media interactions. If you send us a private or direct message via social media the message will not be stored by LexisClick. It will not be shared with any other organisations.

When you call Clear Space various phone numbers we may use Calling Line Identification (CLI) information via a third party.

You will always be notified in advance if your call is being recorded and it is your choice whether you continue with the call. In the event your wish to speak to us on a non-recorded telephone line, please contact us on 01749 71 5000.

If we are using a call recording software, call recordings are deleted from the system after 30 days. Occasionally, for training and monitoring purposes, Clear Space may choose to keep a call recording for longer than 30 days, for example in the event that an employee requires further training, identified as a result of the call recording. Access to call recordings are restricted to Clear Space senior management. We use call recordings to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our customer service response and to monitor the effectiveness of our advertising.

We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt and protect email traffic in line with government guidelines. If your email service does not support TLS, you should be aware that any emails we send or receive may not be protected in transit.

We will also monitor any emails sent to us, including file attachments, for viruses or malicious software. Please be aware that you have a responsibility to ensure that any email you send is within the bounds of the law.

When you provide your personal details to us, the data is stored on our secure servers in the UK. We use a third party database to manage our operations which is maintained by Moveware Limited. For a copy of their privacy notice, click here.

If you use any of our services, we will retain your data for a period of 7 years after which time your data file will be deleted and database entries anonymised.

In order to provide storage to you, we need to collect certain personal information concerning yourself and your address.

The collection and use of your personal data is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Clear Space has strict rules for the collection, storage, protection and release of your personal data:

  • any personal information collected will only be used for the purposes of providing you with storage and (if relevant) related activities and services such as insurance, interactions with authorities etc.;
  • Clear Space will never sell, trade or share personal information with third parties;
  • Clear Space does not engage in profiling based on personal information. No automated decision making is done

We employ CCTV for the purposes of security and health and safety. We hold this footage for approximately 30 days after which time the footage is overwritten. The images may be provided to law enforcement or other regulatory bodies in the event of a security incident.


We have outlined below details about the type of information that Clear Space keeps about job applicants, current and former employees and the purposes for which it keeps them. You can read more about this below.

Clear Space believes that these uses are consistent with our employment relationship with each member of staff and with the principles of the Data Protection Act and the GDPR. Although the provisions of the GDPR apply to EU employees only, we follow the same general data principles for all employees worldwide regardless of region. The only exception to this relates to data storage as specified below.


During the recruitment process Clear Space will ask for information about your personal and employment history. All of the information you provide during the process will only be used for the purposes of progressing your application, or to fulfil legal, regulatory or legitimate requirements if necessary.

If you are applying for a position within the European Economic Area (EEA), Clear Space will not store any of your information outside the EEA.

Application Stage

We will ask all candidates for personal details including their name and contact details. We will also ask for information about your previous experience, education, referees and for answers relevant to the role you have applied for. Our HR department and your Recruiting Manager will have access to all of this information.

You may be asked to provide equal opportunities information. This is not mandatory information. If you choose not to provide it, it will not affect your application. This information will only be made available to the HR department it will not be available to any other staff in a way which could identify you.

Any information you choose to provide will only be used to produce and monitor equal opportunities statistics.

The Selection Process

All external applicants who are to be formally interviewed will be asked to complete an Application and Pre-Employment Screening form.The selection process will normally begin with a discussion between the Recruiting Manager and their Line Manager or Department Head in order to determine the selection approach. The appropriate selection method may not necessarily be limited to, but will always include, face to face interviews. We may also ask you to complete a test or attend other selection events such as a selection centre or psychometric testing. This information will be held by Clear Space.

If, following assessment of your application for the position you have applied for, you are unsuccessful we will retain your information for a period of 6 months unless you instruct us otherwise.

Conditional Offer

In compliance with Clear Space’ recruitment guidelines, if we make you a conditional offer of employment we will ask you for information so that we can carry out pre-employment screening and vetting checks.

These checks include:

  • Address confirmation
  • Credit enquiry with Electoral Roll and ID Verification
  • 5 year employment history check
  • Basic criminal disclosure
  • Right to work documentation verification
  • Activity and Gap Verification 5 Year Gap 28 days
  • DVLA if applicable for role
  • Qualifications if applicable for role

Commencement of your employment is conditional on completion of Pre- Employment Screening and Vetting documentation. All checks are carried out to the standards of BS 7858:2012.

You will be required to provide the following to allow us to complete these checks:

  • Proof of identity – Passport (any nationality), UK driving license, EU Photo Identity card, UK birth certificate (issued within 12 months of birth)
  • Proof of address – e.g. a Bank or Credit Card Statement (dated within last 3 months)
  • Proof of qualifications – you will be asked to provide original documents and we will take copies

We will provide your name and copies of your proof of identity, right to work and proof of address to our screening agents, BackCheck™, who will contact you to complete an application for a Basic Criminal Record check via the Disclosure and Barring Service. BackCheck™ will also contact your referees using the details you provide in your Application Form to obtain references.

You must successfully complete these pre-employment checks to progress to a final offer.

If we make a final offer and you accept, we will also ask you to provide the following:

  • Bank details to process salary and other payments e.g. commission
  • Emergency contact details so we know who to contact in case you have an emergency at work

Use of data processors

Data processors are third parties, such as BackCheck™, who provide elements of our recruitment service for us. We have contracts in place with our data processors. This means they cannot do anything with your personal information unless we have instructed them to do so. They will not share your personal information with any organisation apart from us.

Personnel Records & Retention

If you accept a final offer from us, some of your personnel records will be held on our HR software and physical records may also be held securely. These details will include:

  • Contact names and addresses
  • Bank details
  • Date of birth
  • Salary
  • Information gathered about you and any references gained during the recruitment process
  • Details of terms of employment
  • Payroll, tax and National Insurance information
  • Performance information
  • Details of grade and job duties
  • Health records
  • Absence records, including holiday and self-certification forms
  • Details of any disciplinary investigations and proceedings
  • Training records
  • Correspondence with the Company and any other information provided to us

If you are successful, the information you provide during the recruitment and application process will be retained by us as part of your employee file for the duration of your employment plus 6 years following the end of your employment. This includes your Application Form, Medical Questionnaire, records of any security checks and references.

If you are unsuccessful at any stage of the process, the information you have provided up until that stage will be retained for 6 months and will then be securely disposed of.

Access to personal information / Your rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) you have a number of rights with regard to your personal data. You have the right to request from us access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data, the right to restrict or object to processing. For further information see our Policy on Employee Information and Data Protection (HRPS 03) for further details.

Disclosure of Employee Data

The information held will be for our management and administrative use only, but from time to time we may need to disclose some information we hold about employees to relevant third parties. We may also transfer information to another division within the Group or to an external company solely for purposes connected with your career or the management of Clear Space’ business.

Clear Space may also hold information about an employee for which disclosure to any third party will only be made when strictly necessary for the purposes as follows

  • An employee’s health; for the purposes of compliance with our Health & Safety and occupational health obligations
  • For the purposes of HR management e.g. the administration of insurance, pension, sick pay and other related benefits
  • In connection with unspent convictions to enable us to assess an employee’s suitability for employment


Clear Space requires all employees to comply with the DPA and the GDPR in relation to information about other staff. Failure to do so will be regarded as serious misconduct and will be dealt with according to the Company’s disciplinary policy and procedure. If an employee is in a position to deal with information about other employees they will be given separate guidance on their obligations.

The company’s Managing Director has overall responsibility for compliance with DPA and GDPR.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which replaced the Data Protection Act 1998 in May 2018, you have rights as an individual which you can exercise in relation to the information we hold about you.

Your right to be informed

You have the right to be informed about our collection and use of your personal data.  This Privacy Notice should give you all the information you need but please contact us at if you would like to know more or have any questions.

Your right of access

You have the right to ask us for copies of your personal information. (See Access to Personal Information below).

Your right to rectification

You have the right to ask us to rectify information you believe to be inaccurate or to ask us to complete information you believe to be incomplete.

Your right to be forgotten

You have the right to request that we erase your personal information in certain circumstances.

Your right to object to or restrict the processing of your information

You have the right to ask us to restrict the processing of your information or to object to us using your personal data for a particular purpose.

Your right to data portability

This only applies to information that you have given us where we are using it with your consent e.g. for the performance of a contract.  You can ask us for a copy of that personal data to re-use with another service or business.

You can find further information about your rights under the GDPR from the Information Commissioner’s Office at (

Clear Space tries to meet the highest standards when collecting and using personal information. For this reason, we take any complaints we receive about this very seriously. We encourage people to bring it to our attention if they think that our collection or use of information is unfair, misleading or inappropriate.

This privacy notice was drafted with brevity and clarity in mind.  We are happy to provide any additional information or explanation needed. Any requests for this should be sent to the address below.

If you want to make a complaint about the way we have processed your personal information, you can either email or write to the Information Governance Department at 1 Mendip Avenue, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4PE.

If you are not satisfied with our response you can contact the ICO, (the statutory body which oversees data protection law) at or by calling them on 0303 123 1113.

You have the right to make a subject access request to establish what personal data we hold for you and how we use it.

You can make a subject access request to Clear Space in writing.  Please email us at or write to us at the address below, stating which data you wish to see and including your name and contact information and any details or relevant dates that will assist us in identifying what you want.

If we do hold information about you, we will normally provide this to you electronically unless you request otherwise.

We will normally respond to any subject access requests within one month.  However, should we require extra time we will let you know within one month from the date of the request stating our reasons.  The copy of your personal data is provided free of charge. Clear Space may charge a reasonable administration fee for additional information and/or copies if it believes the request is ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’.

This privacy notice does not cover the links within this site linking to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit.

We keep our privacy notice under regular review. This privacy notice was last updated on 8th August 2019.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy.  Any revisions will be posted at least 30 days prior to its effective date.

If you want to request information about our privacy policy you can email us at or write to:

Information Governance Department
Clear Space
1 Mendip Avenue
Shepton Mallet