Self Storage for your Winter Sports Equipment

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Your winter sports equipment is essential for your cold-weather adventures. But as the snow begins to melt, skis, snowboards, and boots can create a bit of a headache. Where can you put them?

Storing winter sports equipment in garages is a popular option. But it’s not always the best option. In fact, there are three major issues with storing winter sporting equipment in your own home:

  1. It’s not always easy to keep your equipment safe from fluctuating temperatures and humidity
  2. If you only have a small space available and have to stack items, you risk damaging equipment
  3. Winter sports equipment is bulky, and can end up getting in your family’s way over the summer

Don’t put your valuable equipment at risk. And don’t let your house be taken over by helmets, poles, bindings, and more. Instead, use a professional domestic storage facility to keep it safe and secure.

Winter sports equipment storage at Clear Space

At Clear Space, our units are perfectly designed for storing all sorts of winter sports equipment and seasonal items. We help to keep your valuable equipment safe and secure all summer long – and here’s how…

Climate-stable units

As you may already know, skis and snowboards should be waxed before putting them away for the summer. If a storage unit gets too hot, this wax will dry out and lose its effectiveness. And what happens if you decide to skip the ski trip next winter? Storage units that get too cold can cause your equipment to crack. Our storage units are climate stable, with only minimal and gentle changes in temperature throughout the year, to keep your equipment in the best condition.

Dry, weatherproof environments

If water or moisture is allowed to enter your storage unit, it can cause damp and mould to grow and thrive on your equipment. This is especially problematic if you’re storing your ski jackets, trousers, and other winter sports clothing. Our specialist facilities offer safe, secure, and dry environments. This is a great way to ensure your equipment is ready to use as soon as the snow starts falling.

Drive-up facilities

Heavy boots. Long skis. Bulky snowboards. Or even a snowmobile! You don’t always want to be dragging those through a storage facility by hand. And who could blame you? That’s why we offer drive-up units. Contained within our secure perimeter, our drive-up units mean you can position your car or trailer directly outside. This allows you to unload your sporting equipment straight into the unit.

Clear Space top tip: If you’re storing your winter sports equipment in the same self storage unit as other possessions, be sure to label everything clearly. You don’t want to be frantically rifling through your boxes searching for your gloves and goggles right before you set off on your long-awaited ski trip!

Interested in freeing up your garage, and enjoying complete peace of mind that your valuable winter sports equipment is safe and secure when not in use? Contact us to find out more about self storage.