Selecting the Right Self Storage Solution For Your Bike

A man walking into Clear Space Self-storage Somerset

Somerset is a fantastic county for cycling, with beautiful scenery and diverse terrain which allows for a variety of different riding conditions. But you may not feel like hitting the trails all year round!

Whether you’re heading off on an extended holiday, working abroad, or you’re planning to hang up your helmet for the winter, you may be looking for somewhere to store your bike for a while. And although it may seem like a bulky item to store, you won’t be the first person to use a storage facility to keep your bike secure and in good condition until you’re back on the saddle.

And regardless of whether you have a mountain bike, road bike, beach cruiser, BMX, fat bike, quad bike or anything else, you’re going to want to ensure you’re selecting the best self-storage facility.

How can you make the right decision? By taking into account these 4 considerations…

1. Size

Make sure you reserve the right size unit for your bike. For a standard road bike or mountain bike, you probably won’t want to go any smaller than 25-30 sq ft. You may be able to get away with a smaller 15 sq ft unit if you use a stand-up bike rack. However, we’d always recommend going a little bigger to give you room to move around – perhaps for giving the frame a wipe-down before heading out. It can also be useful for storing accessories such as clothing, spare parts and tools.


There are three things that every good bicycle storage unit should be: clean, dry, and well-lit. Clean, because you may have invested quite a bit in your bike, so it deserves to be treated with respect. Dry, because you’ll massively reduce the risk of rusting. And well-lit, so that you’re able to inspect the condition of your bike before hitting the road, and carry out any minor repairs.


If you have a larger type of bike, consider a storage facility that offers units with drive-up access so you can take your car or van right up to the doorway. Otherwise, you could be trying to navigate a cumbersome bike through hallways! Also make sure that the facility you choose offers convenient access, 7 days a week. The last thing you want is to wake up on a sunny Sunday morning ready to explore the countryside and find your facility closed for the weekend.


Bikes of all kinds are often attractive targets for criminals. So security isn’t something you can afford to overlook. Any self-storage units in Somerset that you select should have state-of-the-art security, with access-controlled gates, CCTV monitoring, and staffing during opening hours. You should also be able to attach your own padlock to the door of the unit – both for internal storage rooms and for drive-up storage units, depending on the type of unit you’d prefer to use for your bike.

Cycling in Somerset

Cycling in Somerset is spectacular, and it’s only going to get better. The planned extension of the Strawberry Line from Cheddar to Shepton Mallet will go a long way towards completing the Somerset Circle, giving you access to even more trails and pathways. By placing your bike into the right storage, you’ll have complete peace of mind that it’s ready to ride, whenever you are. At Clear Space, sizeable, secure storage is what we do best. Get in touch to find out more.