Making the Most of Your Self Storage Unit: How to Organise and Access Your Belongings Easily

Clear Space self-storage inside view

Inside your unit, you have a huge amount of flexibility in how you position and store your items. Unfortunately, many people don’t approach this in the best way. Some like to simply dump their belongings, which can work well at first – but causes problems when it comes to finding things in the future! Others like to spread everything out, meaning they’re not making full use of the space.

So what is the best way to organise a self-storage locker or unit? Here are our top tips:

Use labelled boxes

Packing smaller items away into boxes and cartons not only helps to keep them secure, but also keeps everything looking neat and tidy so you have space to move around. Try to box similar items together. For example, kitchen items in one box, bedroom items in another. This means that, if you need to find something down the line, you should already have a good idea where it’s going to be.

Create a list or map

It’s a good idea to make a list of everything you’re putting into your unit, and where you can expect to find it. You could number each box, and note down the contents on a piece of paper. Or for larger items that don’t fit into cartons, drawing a quick map of your unit with rough item locations can be useful. Remember to photocopy your list/map and leave one copy in the unit, and one at home.

Bring shelving/racking

Storage units don’t just spread outwards, but upwards. By placing all your belongings on the floor, you’re really not making the best use of the space you’re paying for. Some low-cost, freestanding shelves can help. Assemble the shelves and place them against the walls of your unit. This can maximise available space while also helping you to keep the floor clear for easy movement.

Utilise hidden space

Storing wardrobes? Or an ottoman? Or even a desk with drawers? Remember that smaller items can easily be tucked away inside these larger pieces of furniture to give you even more space for your belongings. If you use this clever storage trick, make sure your smaller items are packaged well, ideally in bubble wrap or packing blankets. This adds an additional layer of safety and protection.

Unload strategically

When putting your items into storage, it’s natural to simply want to get the job done as efficiently as possible. But it’s definitely worth taking a little time to unload strategically, putting items that you’re likely to need most often nearest to the door, and more immediately reachable. For example, you know you’ll only need festive decorations once a year, but you may need suitcases more regularly.

Here at Clear Space, our self-storage units in Somerset are designed with your needs in mind. We offer a range of unit sizes to give you enough space to organise your belongings, and a selection of packing solutions to keep your unit tidy and accessible. Contact us to find out more.