How to store your stuff safely when Airbnb-ing your home

You’re going! And now, after the elation at making the decision, your thoughts turn to the practicalities. And as you look around your home, a question comes to mind: Storage.

You’re going to be away for an extended period, and you don’t want to leave your home empty. So you’re renting it out on Airbnb. But your home is full of your belongings: Where can you store your things safely while you’re away?

There are personal belongings, such as clothes which you don’t need to take with you but don’t want to throw away. There are also more private possessions, such as letters or financial details, or keepsakes that you don’t want a stranger to have access to.

And that vase, for example. It may not be worth much but, a present from a beloved aunt, it’s precious to you. And rather fragile.

What to pack away, what to leave?

You want to keep valuables and items that mean a lot to you safe, but you also need to think of your guests. 

Airbnb guests, and indeed guests from other home stay agencies, are looking to stay in a home environment rather than an impersonal hotel or B&B. They want to feel comfortable where they are staying and get a feel of life in the country they are visiting.

Equally, however, visitors do want a certain amount of space, especially for longer stays. For example, wardrobe space to be able to hang up their clothes and drawers in which to put their underwear, so they’re not living out of a suitcase. They will also want space in the bathroom to put their toiletries – preferably without having to share the bathroom cabinet with your old toothbrush and comb!

As a guiding principle to meeting both your needs and those of your guests, you should clear the clutter and remove your valuables, but don’t be afraid to show your personality with pictures and family photos. 

That said, do leave space on the occasional tables where guests can (for example) put their cup of coffee and a book without having to rearrange your personal effects.

Practical storage tips – the golden rules

How and where to start on the clearing and decluttering to make space for guests’ personal belongings? 

Let’s take the wardrobe, or closet. Your first instinct may be to start at the top with the hanging clothes. But according to the experts it’s better to start by clearing out any stuff at the bottom. This will not only free up space to work, but in no time you’ll feel like you’re halfway done.

As you go through the rooms in your home, one of the most popular organisational systems is the ‘Three Box Method’ – Keep / Get rid of  / Put in storage. This forces you to make a decision item by item, as you put each piece in the appropriate box. 

Once you complete a space, pack those items for storage in boxes. Make sure breakable items are carefully wrapped and protected, and clearly label everything.

A pro tip: put labels on the shelves where you are leaving essentials, such as blankets, linens, towels, kitchen utensils, etc. This will not only make it easier for guests to find what they need, but you’re also more likely to find that everything’s where it should be when you return home.

Why consider renting a self-storage unit?

You may have wonderful friends and family, you may have access to a garage space: But do you want to burden your friends with your stuff? And is the garage space truly secure and damp-free? 

If in any doubt, a self-storage unit is a cost-effective, secure solution to store your belongings safely while you’re away. 

Will your valuables be safe and secure?

For your peace of mind, choose a secure storage facility with security cameras and round-the-clock alarm systems, preferably linked to a central monitoring control station and the emergency services. 

Additionally, in a storage facility like Clear Space Storage, you will be supplied with a brand new cylinder lock for your individual unit, to which only you will have access to the keys. 

Nevertheless you should always make sure that your items are properly insured, and that the policy does not lapse while you are away.

Can you contact the storage facility if you need to?

In choosing a self-storage facility, check that the terms and conditions meet your needs and there are no hidden extras.

Plans can change, and you may need to alter or extend the period of storage. Make sure the storage facility has a team available on site who you can contact and resolve any issues that might come up. This way you can leave your home for your guests to enjoy, with the knowledge that belongings that are precious to you are stored safely, ready for you on your return. 

Here at Clear Space Self Storage we are here 24/7. If you need us, simply call or email and you will be assured of a timely response. So you are never left worrying or in the dark.

Safe and convenient self-storage

If Shepton Mallet is a convenient location for you, do get in touch with us here at Clear Space Self Storage. We have secure and cost-effective storage units of all sizes and will gladly answer any questions so that, while you’re away, you can be sure your belongings are safe and secure.