Unclog Your Workspace: The Advantages of Self-Storage for Plumbers

Self-storage units aren’t just for homeowners needing more space. In fact, there are many different types of businesses that rely on these facilities to help them operate. Retail businesses storing excess stock, for example, or offices storing extra chairs and desks that are not currently needed. Self-storage can help many different types of companies – including plumbing firms and contractors.

From pipe cutters and plungers to drain rods, brazing torches, water pump pliers, and more, plumbers need access to a wide range of equipment to get the job done. Storing plumbing tools and supplies in self-storage units can bring multiple advantages and benefits, including the ability to…

1. Maintain high levels of security

Do you often leave your tools in your work van overnight? You’re not alone. But with a growing number of tradespeople in the UK reporting equipment theft from their vehicles, this isn’t a risk any plumber can afford to take. Self-storage is a much more secure alternative, with some facilities, like us at Clear Space self-storage, offering round-the-clock CCTV monitoring to ensure safety.

2. Reduce clutter

With tool theft on the rise, some plumbers are now emptying their vans at night and storing supplies in their homes. Unfortunately, with the vast number of different tools plumbers need on a day-to-day basis, this can easily create major clutter, leaving homes looking messy and disorganised. Self-storage units tackle that problem head-on, offering a dedicated space for storing whatever you need.

3. Minimise costs

A common alternative to storing plumbing tools at home or in vehicles is to rent a warehouse or dedicated workspace. However, these solutions – while handy – can often come with high price tags, increasing outgoings for tradespeople who rely heavily on cash flow. Self-storage units will almost always work out to be the more affordable option, especially if you require tool storage space only.

4. Ensure easy access

As a plumber, you’ll know that you can be called to jobs all over – especially if you have a good reputation or are highly specialised. Storing equipment in a centrally located facility, within easy reach of the areas you tend to work, can be a smart move. It means you’re not wasting time – and fuel – driving back and forth to your home every time you need a new part or specific piece of kit.

5. Grow your business

Dreaming of turning your small plumbing business into a local leader? Or perhaps even a nationwide firm? One of the biggest advantages of choosing self-storage for storing plumbing tools and supplies is that contracts are often flexible, adaptable, and fully scalable. As your business grows and expands, your storage space grows with you, ensuring you’ve got the space you need to reach the next level.

Want to find out if self-storage is the right option for your plumbing business? Come and find out! Visit our Clear Space self-storage units in Somerset and take a look at the variety of spaces we’ve got available.