Top Tips and Tricks for Decluttering Your Garage This Summer

Old clothes and books. Broken bicycles and battered furniture. Rusty tools and discarded toys. If you don’t want to throw it out quite yet, but you don’t want it in the house, the garage can seem like the ideal place to store it. And once something’s stowed away in the garage, it’s easy to forget it’s there at all. Out of sight, out of mind!

Many of us are guilty of using the garage as a dumping ground for all those bits and bobs we really need to fix up or throw out. But it’s a tremendously useful space: sheltered and roomy, with easy but secure access. It’s a shame to clog it up with useless stuff. So why not give it a clear-out this summer with these handy tips?

Be prepared

Garages have a few potential hazards, so it’s worth taking the time to prepare before you go in. Few if any garages in the UK are totally leak-proof, so there’s a chance of mould, especially if you’ve been storing things in cardboard boxes. Wear old clothes and arm yourself with rubber gloves. If there is mould or a lot of dust, then you’ll want to use eye protection and a mask to make sure you’re not adversely affected, or consider calling in professional cleaners. It’s a good idea to keep the garage door open while you work to provide ventilation.

Mice, spiders and bugs are all drawn to garages. You may even find birds raising a family. It’s important to remember that disturbing a nest is illegal in the UK, so make sure to work respectfully around the new inhabitants and remove the nest only when it is no longer in use. In case of any concerns, call the RSPCA or your local wildlife charity.

Take your time

It’s easy to get carried away when you resolve to clean out your garage, especially if it’s been a while. Obviously, anything that’s mouldy, broken beyond repair or plain useless should be thrown out. If there’s a lot of stuff, consider hiring a skip to simplify the process.

When it comes to the stuff that’s fixable, or that has some kind of sentimental value, don’t rush to get rid of it. Set it aside and go through it later so that you can decide with a clear head whether you really want to keep it or let it go.

Think laterally

If there are things in your garage that you decide you want to keep, consider self-storage. While the garage is a handy place to store tools, bikes, sports equipment and other stuff that’s in regular use, the damp, non-climate-controlled environment can be destructive to items such as books, clothing and furniture. And who knows, you might even want to fit your car in there!

At Clear Space, we offer a wide range of affordable self-storage units on a flexible weekly contract. Our units are clean, dry and secure – the ideal place to store the items you care about. If you’re interested in finding out more about what we offer, just get in touch to chat with one of our team.