Clear Speace self storage Somerset

As Somerset’s leaves turn golden and a chill begins to touch the air, many homeowners and garden enthusiasts face the seasonal challenge of storing their garden furniture. Ensuring your beloved outdoor pieces remain in prime condition throughout the colder months requires a bit more than just tossing them in the garage.

So, how can you best protect your investments? Clear Space, Somerset’s leading self-storage experts, have some insights to share.

Clean Before Storing

Before you think about storage, give your furniture a thorough cleaning. Wipe down surfaces, vacuum cushions, and ensure everything is dry. This prevents mould and mildew growth, ensuring your furniture looks fresh come springtime.

Dismantle Larger Pieces

To save space and avoid any potential damage, take apart larger furniture items. Store screws and fittings in labelled bags and attach them to the respective furniture piece to make reassembly a breeze.

Climate Stability Matters

Garden furniture, especially those made of delicate materials, benefit from an environment with a stable climate. This helps prevent damage from freezing temperatures and excess moisture.

Cover Up

Invest in high-quality covers for any items left outdoors. These covers should be waterproof and fit snugly to offer maximum protection.

Vertical Storing

For items like loungers or foldable chairs, consider storing them vertically to maximize space and ensure efficient airflow around each piece.

Invest in Quality Storage

Consider opting for a reputable self-storage facility like Clear Space. Our state-of-the-art units are clean, dry, and secure. Plus, with a variety of sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for your garden furniture.

Don’t let the challenge of storing your garden furniture overwhelm you. With our guidance and the ideal storage solution, your items will await spring in pristine condition. Visit our Clear Space self-storage units in Somerset and explore the variety of spaces we’ve got available for you.